Saturday, May 06, 2006

Garden Gifts

I'm not feeling well today, so I decided to go outside and enjoy the garden. Of course I ended up pulling a few weeds, and wandering around to check on my green pals... and found some wonderful surprises!

I bought a paeony for my birthday 3 years ago (with money My mom sent to me) and spent more than I usually do to buy a special plant. It was October, so there were no blooms, but the blossom was described as deep red, with a thin edging of white at the outer rim of the ruffled petals... It never bloomed (see the April 18th Blog) so I adjusted the soil level earlier this spring... and I see a teeny tiny bud forming!!!!!!

Two years ago I bought an old-fashioned rambler rose, and pruned it too fiercly, as it never bloomed that year. I didn't prune it at all last year and this Spring the canes are going nuts, clambering over our wooden fence. Its supposed to have highly-scented lavender blooms, and I see some buds coming!!!!!!

Last year I moved a wild rose at the bottom of the garden. It was in deep shade and hadn't bloomed since we moved here in 2002 so I brought it up with my other roses, near the golden raspberry canes.. and it is rewarding me with buds!!!!! I especially want the rosehips, I think rosehip tea tastes best from wild roses.

I have a bed planted in an arc of Gooseberries and Currants. They are thriving in the partial shade. Inside the curve of the bed I planted tulips and daffys, a Lady's Mantle, and I also planted a variegated Japanese fern, and some Foam Flower... I thought the fern and foam flower died last winter, but where last week I saw nothing, today they are luscious!!! Hurray!!!!!!!

Here are some pics of some other garden lovelies (taken yesterday)

A spent tulip

Strawberries Coming (if the dog doesn't eat them first)

A cluster of Japanese Anemones

Some dotted Violets... My first summer here, I wished for some dotted violets.. two days later, they appeared in my Rose bed.. I still say it was the Fae...

Dead Nettle (The Yellow flowers in foreground) and Pulmonaria behind them. I love how the pulmonaria changes from Pink to Blue as the blossoms age.


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