Saturday, May 20, 2006

Raspberry Rag

I've been glorying in the sun today. Despite having loads of inside work to do (putting books up for sale on Ebay) I've managed to steal a few moments here and there for a few minutes gardening.

I've caved in and admitted there is no way I can mow our lawn myself and expect to have any reasonable use of my feet for the week after, so we've hired the grandson of a neighbor of ours to do it for us every few weeks. He did such a wonderful job! I saw him stop mowing and go forward to scout a safe path around the flower beds at least three times, bless him.

My first task was to tie up the rambler rose, who will be flowering for me for the first time. From the look of the buds, I may only have to wait another week!

Last year I moved a wild rose up from the bottom of the garden, where it got too much shade to flower. Its covered with buds too :-} Its placed where it will compete with the raspberry bushes, and I plan to cut it back each fall after harvesting the rose hips. I think wild rose hips make the very best jelly and tea.

I noticed our raspberries are all doing very well, I think I might have to cut them back this fall too :-} If any are left after we eat our fill, we may get some jam this winter.

A few minutes was all I could bear to stand for that session (I messed up my ankle yesterday, from over doing it) but I decided to continue the theme by listening to my brother in law's cd, Raspberry Rag. ( music available here) at With the window open, cool ukelele music playing, my new blue gazing ball gazing back at me (thank you Sherri!), and the birds enjoying all the critters revealed in the freshly mown lawn, its a glorious day.


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