Friday, July 07, 2006

July 4th at House Bonsai

There's a garden here in town created by my friend Sherri. Its a wonderful blessing for any of us it welcomes. You can feel the spirit wrap right 'round you while you sit and listen and fill yourself up with the beauty.
She tends it carefully, and most importantly allows it to grow its own way when it really wants to.

Here are some pictures taken Tuesday, and a few more taken earlier this year.


Blogger Lynx said...

Nice town to live in! Our village council keeps insisting that my dill patch and the raspberry bushes in the garden are "noxious weeds". When we received a warning to cut our lawn or the city would do it, we complied, a friend came in with his lawn mower and spent the day ( a HOLIDAY no less) getting it all caught up. The NEXT DAY the city crew was there to inform us that "it wasn't good enough" and proceeded to weed-whip around a few trees, try to spray weed killer on my raspberry bushes, and even went so far as to trim around a tree on my NEIGHBOR's property; when my DH told them that it wasn't our tree, their answer was "it doesn't matter".... yet, behind a BUSINESS in town (run by the son of the former fire chief, no less), there is a patch of weeds/grass about thirty feet long, six feet wide, and well over four feet high. We have complained about that to the council, and yet two months later the spot is still taller than my 9-year-old. But my grass being more than 2 inches tall in three spots is worth a $80 mowing from the city... I really got to get out of this frigging town!!!!!!!!!!!

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