Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring Busy-ness

Ah Spring, I always long for it, then the reality of the exhaustive tasks needed sinks in. I still love it, but it takes so much time away from other things. I am limited to standing 5 minutes at a time, which makes all those garden tasks a challenge.

This was the first week we needed to mow, and we had what I hope was the last frost of the season last week. Until I get the flower and herb beds marked clearly, I'm afraid anyone else mowing will accidently kill some of my green pals.

So, that's my main task this season, clearing weeds and edging the garden beds (and contemplating what to plant *happy sigh*).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Making room

As most gardeners know, gardens change with time, inclination and events. A good friend ended up totally rearranging her beds when the city cut down three shade trees, making her forest plants VERY unhappy. She moved a few things around, and all is well again.

We are being gifted with a screened-in gazebo, and the best possible place to put it is in the same spot as a rather unsucessful herb bed. This week and next is dedicated to preparing what used to be the tomato and pepper bed for the herbs I wish to keep and possibly a few new herbs to fill in the spaces..

I've already cleared the bed, and moved some costmary. It will grow around the base of a huge-flowered pink hisbiscus (see pic below). I've also moved a clump of dotted mountain mint and potted up two starts for friends. If the germander and marjoram come back I will move them to the new bed as well.

I want to keep growing the lemon balm, but I don't want it taking over the space for the other herbs, so I'm still contemplating where I can grow it. We have very few full sun spots in the yard. Of course, providing the lemon balm with the challenge of partial shade may keep it from spreading over the entire yard. Then there's the comfrey. I'll move it to the back of the yard, and see if it stays there.

Our French Sorrel died over the winter, and I've gotten Oscar addicted to it in spring chicken soup, so I will be purchasing a start of that, probably from Richters. While I'm there, I might as well finally buy the Heliotrope I've been wanting to grow for some time. I've been wanting to get more vervain too..

Hmm. maybe I need to expand the bed JUST a little bit more..

Friday, April 21, 2006

all about the tulips (and 1 daffy)

Sunny, Warm... all about the tulips and one daffodil.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I love peonies. I love the huge exuberant heads of them, I love the heady scent, and I love the way the deciduous ones die back each winter to be reborn in the spring.
I bought a special peony for my birthday a few years back but out of fear of losing it to the cold Michigan winter, I planted it too deeply, and it never bloomed.
This spring, as soon as the ground was workable, I skimmed off a layer of dirt to what I HOPE is the right level for the root system. I certainly hope it blooms this year.
On a similar front, recently I made the decision to seriously pursue a career as a writer. It has involved scratching off a few layers of my own protection.
Here's hoping the blooms are worththe risk.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Herbs and Flowers and Growth and Life

I've decided rather than try and cram everything I'm interested in into a single blog, I'd divide my interests, and post them where most appropriate. This blog is for my interest in herbalism and gardening. There will be some overlap with the other blogs, just as there is in my life, but I will have fun posting where most appropriate.

This image is of the flowers of a vervain plant I grew last year. Vervain has long been used in magical workings. One of its other names is Enchanter's Plant. Among its many powers, it is said to increase creativity and lend success to artistic endeavors. I also love the lacy effect it has growing among my roses.

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