Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You Temptress Garden You....

It would be all too easy to be enticed by all the green outside my studio window today. The temperature is on the cool side, absolutly perfect for getting down and dirty with weeds and trimming and transplanting and preparing the ground for the gazebo.. but I have learned better. If I were to give in to my longing to spend the day outside, I'd be spending three days in bed recovering. So I will take small sips. I'll go out today and prepare some home-made pots by cutting and piercing water jugs, and then fill them with the sandy loam I'm lucky enough to have in our garden.
If I still feel good after the trips needed to do that, I might weed a little bit in the gooseberry/currant bed. Then tomorrow, I'll be all set to take small trips outside and take cuttings from the gooseberries and currants for a few friends.
Photos: Currants and Borage.


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