Saturday, May 27, 2006

Spring Garden Jelly Jam Syrup

I've been wanting to make Aeron's Violet Jam. (see link to Aeron's blog to the right) I also have to clear a square of ground for the gazebo, and there were several violet plants there, so I harvested the entire plants and picked off the violets. That saved strain on my abdomen :-} I wanted to make a double batch, but here weren't quite enough violets. So I had fun. I wandered the garden like I browse my spice cupboards, trying to taste with my imagination and create a pleasing blend of flavors. I added some phlox blossoms (oh they smelled sweet!) a little bit of lemon balm, a tiny bit more of mountain mint, and I had my raw materials. I cooked the blossoms in the simple syrup then blended with my stick blender rather than the container blender. I also used liquid pectin rather than powdered. The ony trouble was I had a bit too much liquid so its more of a Spring syrup than a jam or jelly, but I have to say, its delicious! I look forward to trying some on pancakes or french toast on a cold January morning.


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