Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Cusp of Spring and Summer

We're on our own tiny micro climate's cusp of Spring and Summer (that being my backyard). We had our first rose bloom. Its backed by a mirror to counteract its slightly shady location. The Johnson's Blue geranium is in full blossom, and the peonies are alllmmooost blooming. The briar rose I moved up from the shade is covered in buds, and the first flowers have opened. They are indeed wild roses, but small and white and of the most beautiful scent :-} Right next to them are the boysenberries, in full blossom, and nearby one of my favorite herbs to wildcraft, white clover. When dried, the flowers make a luscious honey-flavored tea. The Angelica is beautiful too. I've never used it, but I'm looking forward to learning. Anyone reading this have some hints?
Next week, I hope 4 more roses will be blooming, better warm up the camera!

Wild White Roses

The First Rose of the season

Wine Red Peony Buds

Johnson's Blue Geraniums

White Clover

Boysenberry bush



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